Airlec goes above and beyond for its client. Find out how we can enrich your next travel. Airlec Executive is your go-to provider for flights, regardless of your destination and needs. Service is key and Airlec Executive only offers top-notch service.


On standby 24/7
Departure in less than 2 hours
Aircraft based in Paris Le Bourget and Bordeaux – Merignac


Your schedule is our schedule
Access to your destination’s closest airport


Discreet departure
Time to continue meetings and work on board


Dual-pilot crew at your disposal
Large range of service options on board (meals, bar, newspapers, and magazines)


Trained, experienced pilots
A European approved maintenance facility managed in-house enables us to meticulously maintain the fleet
Integrated Safety Management System


Airle proposes several solutions to reduce carbon impacts.

Innovative Tools

Airlec uses digital optimization and innovative technology Tools.

Meet Our Team

Meet the amazing and passionate staff
behind Airlec Executive.

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