Airlec, Air Espace

Who we are

Airlec Executive is part of Airlec Air Espace, which is one of the oldest business aviation companies in France, created in 1958. We can afford to meet demanding expectations thanks to our deep-rooted experience and our diversified fleet, which can take you anyway in Europe or around the world. Airlec Executive offers you the opportunity to escape of the constraints and inconveniences of airports. Airlec Executive successfully combines client satisfaction, safety and environmental awareness.

European Approvals

  • Airline:

    AOC FR.AOC.0048

  • Airworthiness Management:

    PART M FR.MG.0055

  • Maintenance Organisation:

    PART 145 FR 145.0455

  • Design Organisation:

    ADOA EASA.AP 262

  • Pilot Training:

    ATO OR.ATO.0117

  • Flight Simulator:

    FSTD FR-373


Founded in 1958, Airlec Air Espace is the oldest business aviation company in France.


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