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Who we are

Airlec Air Espace is delighted to announce that it has successfully achieved its first Accreditation by the European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI).


Airlec Air Espace has been based in Bordeaux since 1958 and was bought by Patrick Tiba in 1997, who brought with him an important focus on air ambulance services.

Airlec Ambulance and Airlec Medical are part of a joint venture. Together they formed the first integrated French medical repatriation company with its own air ambulance. Airlec Medical is specialised in the provision of medical repatriation to get patients back home from anywhere in the world and provide them with care on board.

Airlec Ambulance benefits from its vast experience of air ambulance flights within Airlec Air Espace. We offer a unique service, deeply-rooted in French medical culture, which combines advanced technical skills, a personal approach and a relationship with partners, patients and their family built on trust.

The nurse-doctor pairs are each on duty for a week at a time, which enables them to complete missions without the need to return to base. Airlec Ambulance serves works in partnership with many assistance groups and also individuals. At the request of our partners, we have opened an assistance service on commercial passenger aircraft and ground ambulances.

Unique Services


Emergency departure 24/7/365 – medical crew always on duty
Aircraft based in Paris Le Bourget and Bordeaux


Bed-to-bed service
Flexible departure time
Option of sea-level cabin


Patient loading carried out by our team with loading ramp
Real-time monitoring of operations
Option of ground ambulance and hospital bed


An integrated Safety Management System
Experienced, trained pilots (our captains have an average of 8,000 flight hours)
An approved European maintenance facility
Latest generation avionics and flight instruments

European Approvals

ARS certified for air medical transport

  • Airline:

    AOC FR.AOC.0048

  • Airworthiness Management:

    PART M FR.MG.0055

  • Maintenance Organisation:

    PART 145 FR145.0455

  • Design Organisation:


  • Pilots Training:

    ATO FR.ATO.0117

  • Flight simulator:

    FSTD FR-373


Founded in 1958, Airlec Air Espace is the oldest business aviation company in France.


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