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SimAirlec Team

SimAirlec was developed under the leadship of Airlec’s Medical Director, Dr. Cyrille Montesinos and has been operational since 2020. Together with expert trainers Dr. Christophe Bombert (Head of Training) and fellow trainers Julien Lagassat and Vincent Prin, the team of SimAirlec offers training experiences for all healthcare professionals worldwide. All trainers are highly skilled individuals with a rich experience in aero-medical missions which allows for real life scenarios to be demonstrated and trained for.

Airlec Air Espace
Airlec-Team-Dr. Cyrille Montesinos
Airlec-Team-Dr. Christoph Bombert
Airlec-Team-Julien Lagassat
Airlec-Team-Vincent Prin
Airlec Air Espace

“Our SimAirlec is truly passionate about using modern technology, such as the High Fidelity Simulator Apollo Cae © amongst other training instruments. Having an in-house training facility with excellent and on-the-job trained experts allows for Airlec to not only provide the very best service for its own patients but also allow for other healthcare professional to train and improve their valuable skillset.“

Paul Tiba, Managing Director